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Created in 1975, the Senate Research Office (SRO) is a nonpartisan office which serves all Senators and the Lieutenant Governor, on a confidential basis, by providing quality, specialized, objective information and policy analysis.


The SRO is currently composed of seven employees: a Director; Deputy Director, and five Senior Policy Analysts. Each analyst is assigned to at least one committee/policy area.


The SRO responds to research and information requests from Senators on potential and pending legislation, as well as other significant policy issues that affect the state. SRO analysts also provide research assistance for all Senate and Joint interim committees, including study committees, commissions, and task forces. Research projects are handled confidentially upon request and assigned to the analyst responsible for the request’s subject area.

Standing and Interim Senate Committees
During the Legislative Session, SRO staff attend all meetings of standing committees, complete a committee report of the meeting, and provide any additional assistance needed by the committee. During the legislative interim, SRO staff attend meetings and conferences conducted by boards, commissions, gubernatorial task forces, state agencies, and any other governmental entity that may be relevant to the legislature. The SRO also drafts a report of a study committee or subcommittee that includes any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals.

Bill Summaries
During Legislative Sessions, SRO prepares analyses of all the bills that pass through the Senate. The bill analyses are updated following committee action and upon final passage. House bills are analyzed when sent to the Senate and updated following each Senate action.


Requests for information and research can be initiated only by the Senator or his/her Administrative Assistant. Research projects are handled upon request and assigned to the analyst responsible for the request’s subject area. Requests can be initiated by telephone, email, or in-person. We do not provide research directly to the general public.

The request may be made directly to appropriate analyst (see current SRO Staff Listing) or our Director – Elizabeth Holcomb.

All requests are confidential and all documents and files of the Senate Research Office are not subject to public inspection under the Open Records Act. O.C.G.A 50-18-72(a)(12).


Session Highlights
The SRO creates a Session Highlights document which provides brief summaries of major legislation enacted by the General Assembly following each legislative session.

Upcoming Issues
The SRO also publishes an Upcoming Issues document in the fall which is a report of selected issues that will likely be addressed in the upcoming Legislative Session.

At Issue
The At Issue newsletter editions are written by SRO and designed by the Senate Press Office on behalf of the President Pro Tempore. The At Issue State Edition focuses on emerging issues in Georgia and the latest legislative trends in other states, along with a Spotlight from the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office (SBEO) that highlights a part of the state’s budget each issue. The At Issue Federal Edition takes an in-depth look at federal topics that affect Georgia, with insight into the federal appropriations process from SBEO.

Senate Research Office
204 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
18 Capitol Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30334