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Senate Committee Rooms

  • All rooms must be reserved through a Senator's office. 
  • Senate committee rooms are available to reserve for legislative purposes only.
  • Due to the uncertainty of session, reservations may be moved or bumped on short notice.


 Total Capacity

 Media Available


 122 CAP


 123 CAP


 125 CAP


 Mezz 1 (Large)


 Laptop, phone  
 Mezz 2 (Small)



 Code required for entry; restricted use 

 450 CAP


 PowerPoint, video conferencing  No food allowed
 307 CLOB


 310 CLOB


 318 CLOB


. .
 328 CLOB


. .

*Total capacity is approximate.

To book the North or South stairs, or the rotunda, please contact Georgia Building Authority at 404-657-7407
To book room 341, please contact Emily Pattillo with House Appropriations 404-463-2245