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The Senate Aide Program

Stacy Peery, Senate Staffing Director

The Georgia Senate Aide program is open to all college graduates who are interested in experiencing the legislative process. The application process runs from October 30 to December 1 of each year. Each Senate Aide is assigned to a Senate Committee or leadership office and serves as a right hand person for the Chair of the Committee. The Aide assists in the tasks that need to be done to keep the legislative process running smoothly.

Some of tasks that may be required include performing office duties for Administrative Assistant (such as answering phones, delivering notices, making copies, answering constituent mail); picking up any new legislation and related documentation assigned to your committees (First Readers, Status sheets, Rules Calendars, etc.); picking up proposed legislation from Legislative Counsel's Office; putting together folders for committee meetings; attending committee meetings and assisting the Committee Chair in tasks needed during meetings (note taking, handing out information, etc.); and attending functions with your Committee Chair as needed. While these duties are representative of what can be expected during service as an Aide, other tasks may be assigned by the Committee Chair at any time.

Committee Aides receive a weekly stipend and are expected to be available during the entire Legislative Session which generally runs from the first week in January until sometime in April. To apply for a Senate Committee Aide please email a cover letter and resume to Stacy Peery, Senate Aide and Intern Coordinator. A PDF describing the position may be downloaded or printed by clicking HERE.