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Senate Human Resources

Stacy Peery, Senate Staffing Director
330 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

The Georgia State Senate is comprised of the Secretary of the Senate's Office and three auxiliary offices: the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office, the Senate Press Office, and the Senate Research Office. Between these four departments are approximately 90 full-time staff that support the mission and activities of the Senate.

Each department has its own selection and interview process. Information regarding the application process for specific position vacancies is included in each position's vacancy announcement. All qualified applicants will be considered but may not necessarily receive an interview. No notification will be sent to applicants except those who are selected for interviews. Résumés remain on file for two years from the date of receipt. If not selected for the position applied for, applicants may be considered for future positions during this time. An applicant's current employer will not be contacted without the consent of the applicant.

The Senate utilizes an open application process for certain positions. For these positions, interested persons are invited to submit a résumé at any time to be placed on file for consideration the next time such a position becomes available. Résumés may be submitted via email (preferred), fax, or through the mail; contact information is above. Résumés may include a cover letter and/or references at the candidate's discretion.