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Appropriations Documents

The House Budget Office writes the budget bills for odd numbered years, and the Senate Budget and Evaluation Office writes the budget bills for even numbered years. The House uses a "tracking document" to accompany the bill, while the Senate combines both documents in one bill.

Senate Subcommittee Reports

These subcommittee reports are the budget broken up by Senate subcommittee. These are the documents used in Senate subcommittee hearings.

  FY2016 General:
House Recommendation
FY2015 Amended:
House Amendment to Senate Substitute

HB76 - Full Bill
posted 3/18/15 8:22am

HB75 - House Amendment to Senate Sub
posted 2/19/15 3:30pm


HB75 - Final Tracking As Passed House and Senate
posted 2/19/15 3:30pm

Previous Appropriations Acts