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Staff and Responsibilities

David A. Cook, Secretary of the Senate
Official administrative officer and unofficial parliamentarian of the Senate. Responsible for the oversight and management of the office of the Secretary of the Senate and the Georgia State Senate; responsible for oversight of all data and subsequent publications produced by the Secretary of the Senate's office; assists with Senate Rules updates and production; member of the Senate Administrative Affairs Committee and the Legislative Services Committee.

Debbie Ewing & Sean Martin, Assistant Secretaries of the Senate
Responsible for managing payroll for Senate session employees; preparation of Order of Business for Senate proceedings; transcribing Senate proceedings and processing of legislation in the Senate Chamber; liaison with Senate doorkeepers and Sgt. at Arms; management of keys for Senate offices; scheduling Senate weekly standing committee meetings; creating committee master list; assist Secretary of Senate with Special Action; notary public.

Deannie Robinson, Journal Clerk
Responsible for management, creation, development and oversight of published Senate Journal; daily status and composite status; processing of bid for the publication of the Senate Journal; ordering and distribution of all Senate badges, stationery, and business cards.

Cheree Harper, Index Clerk
Responsible for initial entry of Senate captions; creating and managing subject indexing of Senate legislation for research purposes; creating Senate Journal alphabetical and numerical indices; creating Senate Messages; management of Senate database; posting Standing and interim study committees and meeting notices to the Internet; coordinating and issuing parking for Senators; creating and ordering Senate composite picture. Personal assistant to the Secretary of the Senate.

Laura Messier, Calendar Clerk
Responsible for creation and management of all Senate calendars and first readers; compiling the Senate portion of the legislative picture book; coordinating postage allotment for Senate; managing Senate flower fund; management of Senate legislative service; management of Senate webpage.

James Tripp, Bill Status Clerk
Responsible for operating Senate legislative voting system; recording of Senate legislative action in chamber on board sheet; hiring, training and supervising file room staff.

Rich Snelson, Enrolling Clerk
Responsible for the processing of all Senate bills and resolutions; perfecting Senate legislation by integrating all amendments and substitutes; verifying release of legislation to Internet; hiring, training, and supervising proofreading and enrolling/engrossing staff.

Jessie Thompson, Print Shop Manager
Responsible for the printing of all Senate documents including legislation, stationery, envelopes and newsletters; responsible for ordering, stocking, and distribution of Senate supplies.