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Senate Press Office

201 Coverdell Legislative Office Building                                                                            
18 Capitol Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
404-656-0028 (in Atlanta area)
800-282-5803 (outside Atlanta area)

The Senate Press Office is the official press and media relations office for the Georgia Senate.

The Press Office is a non-partisan office and is responsible for writing and sending out press releases, media advisories, columns radio feeds and opinion pieces for each of the 56 Senators at their request.

This integral Senate office also is responsible for setting up press conferences at the request of any Senator. Senate press conferences are held in the Senate Conference Room in Suite 203 of the Paul D. Coverdell Legislative Office Building.

This office does not produce campaign-related materials, write campaign speeches, or participate in other campaign-related or partisan activities beyond the scope of the day to day duties. Senate Rules dictate that the Senate Press Office does not provide any of their services for Senators which entail criticism of the Governor, Lt. Governor and/or another member of the Georgia General Assembly.

Press Releases

By request, press releases will be drafted by a member of the Senate Press Staff (SPO). The SPO will draft press releases when a Senate Bill is introduced, when it passes the Senate, and when the Governor signs the piece of legislation only. The SPO also will draft press releases for Senators when they are sworn into office, when they have won awards or received special recognition or when they are appointed to a committee or other noteworthy appointments. Press releases for reasons other than those stated above will be at the discretion of the Senate Press Office Director. Press Releases will be e-mailed to the members of the media in the Senator's home district. If the information pertains to information of statewide interest, the release can be sent to the Capitol Press Corps and/or statewide.

Press Conferences

By request, the Senate Press Office (SPO) will set up press conferences for any sitting Senator, either in Atlanta in the Senate Press Conference Room or other designated area, or in the Senator's home community. Media advisories will be sent to all members of the Capitol Press Corps (if the press conference is held at the State Capitol or elsewhere in the Atlanta area) or to the Senator's hometown media (if the press conference is held elsewhere).


By request, the Senate Press Office (SPO) will write speeches for sitting Senators during the interim on any topic. Speeches will be provided to Senators during the Session on topics relating to the current Georgia General Assembly, including pending legislation, the role of a state senator, etc., only.


The Senate Press Office (SPO) will send out weekly columns for sitting Senators during the legislative session and in the interim at the request of any Senator.

Audio Services/Radio Feeds

The Senate Press Office (SPO) has the capability of feeding audio to radio stations throughout the state. SPO can use audio from the floor of the Senate, from a Press Conference, or Senators may come into the SPO and record a sound bite to be sent to designated radio stations.


The Senate has an official photographer who is part of the Senate Press Office and digital or print photos may be made at any Senator's request.

Daily Newspaper Clips

The Senate Press Office (SPO) provides electronic newspaper clips (newspaper stories) from all of the major newspapers in Georgia to Senators on a daily basis via e-mail. Clips from the weekend are sent to Senators on Monday morning. The clips are sent to Senators at their "senate" account.

Clipping Service

The Senate Press Office (SPO) subscribes to a clipping service and copies newspaper articles mentioning particular Senators' names. The clippings are delivered to Senators each Monday during the Session and monthly during the interim.

Committee Meetings

The Senate Press (SPO) staff monitors all Senate Standing Committees during the Session and the interim. The staff attends meetings, writes up a summary of the meetings, can take pictures during the meetings, and assists with the media when necessary.