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Federal State
Volume 4 Issue 1
Legal Analytics: A New Frontier in Data Use; Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018; Recent Appointments to Interim Studies
Volume 4 Issue 1
Facial Recognition Technology: From Social Media to Law Enforcement; Comments from Georgia's Appellate Court Judges Calling for Legislative Action; Hurrican Relief Efforts: Special Times Call for Special Sessions
Volume 4 Issue 2
Piecing Together the Puzzle - What Rucho v. Common Cause Means for Redistricting Process; The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - Bringing Guns and Butter to Georgia
Volume 4 Issue 2
Comprehensive Overhaul of Georgia's Elections System; Modernization of Tax in the Digital Age; Critical Assessment of Benefit Corporations and the Growth of Social Enterprise
Volume 4 Issue 3
Address Workforce Demands with Apprenticeships; Banking in the Desert: The Growing Trend of Bank Closures
Volume 4 Issue 3
Vaccination Exemptions Under the Microscope; How the State of Georgia and the Federal Government Are Allowing Hemp Farming; Additional Appointments to Interim Study Committees