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Senate Research Office

204 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
18 Capitol Square
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
404-657-0929 (fax)

The Senate Research Office has served the Georgia State Senate for 40 years. Senate Research was created in 1975 to serve all Senators and the Lieutenant Governor with objective information and analysis of legislation and issues affecting our state. By using a wide array of resources Senate Research has access to the latest, most accurate information available from all states, the federal government, and other public interest and professional sources.

The Senate Research Office provides support to individual Senators on issues of policy development and both background and comparative research for statewide and local legislation. In addition, Senate Research also:

  • Staffs interim and standing committees;
  • Identifies public policy trends;
  • Produces study committee reports;
  • Summarizes legislation; and,
  • Gathers information on programs including cost analysis, program elements, and success.

Bill Summaries

The Senate Research Office creates summaries of Senate bills and resolutions* introduced during the Legislative Session. Summaries of House legislation are created once the House legislation is passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate for consideration. For a flowchart outlining the process of a bill becoming a law, please click HERE.

Session Highlights, Upcoming Issues, and Committee Reports

Senate Research produces several documents which provide a comprehensive overview of the current business of the Senate and are introduced at various times during the year. These documents include:
  • 2012 Upcoming Legislative Issues
  • Session Highlights - a brief summary of selected legislation enacted by the Georgia General Assembly following each legislative session.
  • Upcoming Issues - a report of selected issues that will likely be addressed during upcoming legislative sessions.
  • Study Committee Reports - as Senate Committees examine various issues, reports are released which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate.


All requests are confidential and all documents and files of the Senate Research Office are not subject to public inspection under the Open Records Act (O.C.G.A 50-18-72(a) (8)).

How to Request Information

Requests for information and research can only be initiated by an individual Senator or the Lieutenant Governor. Requests can be initiated by telephone, email, or written correspondence. Requests are assigned to the policy analyst with expertise in the specific area to be researched. All requests for information and research will be completed within two weeks, unless a shorter, specific date is set. All information and research results can be communicated to the Senator by email, diskette, or written document.

*Due to the volume and speed with which legislation is created and sent to various Senate Committees, all legislation may not be summarized and a time lapse may occur between the time legislation is assigned to Committee and when a summary appears.