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Senate Research Staff
Senate Research Staff 

Senate Research Staff and Policy Responsibilities

Angie Fiese, Acting Director
B.A., Georgia Institute of Technology; J.D., Georgia State University
Appropriations, Education & Youth, Interstate Cooperation, Rules

Alexander Azarian, Principal Policy Analyst
B.A., Rhode Island College; M.A., Providence College
Insurance & Labor, State and Local Governmental Operations, State Institutions and Property,
Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security


Brad Vaughan, Principal Policy Analyst
B.A., University of Tennessee; J.D., M.B.A., University of Tennessee
Ethics, Judiciary, Judiciary Non-civil, Public Safety, Reapportionment & Redistricting

Satyn Nishon Geary, Senior Policy Analyst
B.A., Elizabethtown College; M.B.A., Kennesaw State University
Economic Development, Higher Education, Transportation, Urban Affairs

Elizabeth Holcomb, Senior Policy Analyst
B.S., University of Georgia; M.P.H., University of Georgia; J.D., Case Western Reserve University
Health and Human Services, Special Judiciary

Justin M. Cook, Senior Policy Analyst
B.A., Brigham Young University; J.D., M.P.A. Georgia State University
Banking & Financial Institutions, Finance, Retirement, Science and Technology

Kat Middleton, Senior Policy Analyst
B.S., University of West Georgia; J.D., Georgia State University
Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Government Oversight, Natural Resources and the Environment, Regulated Industries and Utilities

Lisha Thompson, Office Manager