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2009 Study Committees 

2009 Study Committees

Study committees are those that have been appointed, or selected to perform a specific task or study a specific issue. As Senate Study Committees examine various issues, reports are released which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate.

Joint Study Committees

SR 257 Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias Task Force To be appointed

Senate Study Committees

SR 57 Vulnerable Adult Study Commission

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Ronald Ramsey -Chair

Sen. Lester Jackson

Sen. J.B. Powell

Sen. Ed Tarver

Sen. Renee Unterman

SR 83 Green Information Technology To be appointed
SR 140 Consolidation of Institutions of Higher Education To be appointed
SR 184 Boating Safety To be appointed
SR 334 Health Care Transformation To be appointed
SR 399 Nonprofit Organizations and Their Governmental Partnerships To be appointed
SR 456 Blood Pressure Downshift Program To be appointed
SR 476 Advanced Directives Assessment, Planning, and Oversight To be appointed
SR 506 Mental Health Continuum Care To be appointed
SR 522 Comprehensive Development Impact Fee To be appointed
SR 579 Biomass/Bioenergy To be appointed
SR 595 Regional Educational Service Agencies

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Jack Hill -Chair

Sen. John Crosby

Sen. Dan Moody

Sen. Freddie Powell Sims

Sen. Dan Weber

SR 615 Georgia State Fire Services To be appointed
SR 622 Dangerous Dogs To be appointed
SR 627 Merger of Georgia Technical and Two-year Colleges To be appointed
SR 628 Health Care Provider Rental Network Contract Arrangements To be appointed
SR 635 Health Disparities for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans To be appointed
SR 641 Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation To be appointed
SR 642 Consolidation of Services for Crime Victims To be appointed
SR 654 Motor Vehicles To be appointed
SR 664 Patient Centered Medical Home To be appointed
SR 665 Administration of Dental Benefits for Medicaid and PeachCare To be appointed
SR 667 Retrofit of Diesel Engines To be appointed
SR 672 Autism To be appointed
SR 685 Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Chip Rogers -Chair

Sen. Jim Butterworth

Sen. Ronnie Chance

Sen. Mitch Seabaugh

Sen. Steve Thompson

SR 686 Self-sufficiency of State Museums, Parks, and Golf Courses To be appointed

Authority created by Georgia Law

SB 85 Georgia Aviation Authority To be appointed

Local Authority

HB 813 Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority To be appointed

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