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2011 Study Committees 

2011 Study Committees

Study committees are those that have been appointed, or selected to perform a specific task or study a specific issue. As Senate Study Committees examine various issues, reports are released which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate.

Joint Senate and House Study Committees

SB 17 Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits To be appointed
SB 141 Martin Luther King, Jr. Advisory Council

Senate Appointment:
Sen. Emanuel Jones

Citizen Member House Appointment:
Mr. Toney Collins

SR 15 Joint Committee on Water Supply

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Ross Tolleson
Sen. John Bulloch
Sen. Butch Miller
Sen. George Hooks
Sen. Jack Murphy

SR 68 Science & Technology Strategic Initiative Joint Study Commission

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Barry Loudermilk, Co-Chair
Sen. John Albers

Citizen Member Senate Appointment:
Mr. Tino Mantella

HB 87 Immigration Enforcement Review Board

Citizen Member Governor's Appointments:
Mr. Phil Kent
Mr. Shawn Hanley
Mr. Ben Vinson

Citizen Member Senate Appointments:
Boyd Austin, Mayor, City of Dallas
Mike Yeager, Sheriff, Coweta County

Citizen Member House Appointments:
Mr. Robert Mumford
Mr. Terry Clark

HB 192 State Education Finance Study Commission

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Fran Millar
Sen. Jack Hill
Sen. Lindsey Tippins
Sen. Freddie Powell Sims

HB 238 Georgia Public Defender Standards Council

Citizen Member Senate Appointments:
Judge Arch McGarity, Flint Circuit Superior Court
Mr. E. Lee Morris, III

Citizen Member House Appointments:
Judge Murphy C. Miller, Superior Court Enotah Judicial Circuit
Mr. Edward D. Tolley, Esq.

HB 265 2011 Special Council on Criminal Justice Reform for Georgians

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Bill Hamrick
Sen. John Crosby
Sen. Ron Ramsey, Sr.

HB 265 Special Joint Committee on Georgia Criminal Justice Reform

Senate Appointments:
Sen. John Crosby
Sen. Josh McKoon
Sen. Curt Thompson

Senate Study Committees

SR 638 Senate On and Off Premise Signs Study Committee

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Jeff Mullis, Chair
Sen. David Shafer
Sen. Doug Stoner

** Senate Bridging the Digital Divide in Aging Communities Study Committee

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Valencia Seay, Chair
Sen. Gloria Butler
Sen. Jason Carter
Sen. Bill Heath
Sen. Barry Loudermilk

**Study Committee created under the authority granted by SR 5

Previous Interim Study Committees

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