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2012 Study Committees 

2012 Study Committees

Study committees are those that have been appointed, or selected to perform a specific task or study a specific issue. As Senate Study Committees examine various issues, reports are released which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate.

Joint Study Committees, Commissions, and Authorities

HB 456 Legislative Sunset Advisory Committee


HB 797 State Charter Schools Commission

To be appointed

HB 815 Central State Hospital Local Development Authority

Senate Citizen Member Appointments:
Ms. Jeanette Walden, Ex-Officio

HR 1151 Joint Human Trafficking Study Commission

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Renee Unterman, Co-Chair
Sen. Judson Hill
Sen. Donzella James

House Appointments:
Rep. Edward Lindsey, Co-chair
Rep. Buzz Brockway
Rep. Alisha Morgan

Senate Study Committees

SR 104 Senate Crematoria Study Committee

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Steve Henson, Chair
Sen. David Shafer
Sen. Butch Miller

SR 979 Senate Aging Study Committee

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Renee Unterman, Chair
Sen. Valencia Seay
Sen. Mike Crane
Sen. John Wilkinson
Sen. John Crosby

** Senate Study Committee on the Incorporation of the City of Dekalb in Dekalb County

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Gloria Butler
Sen. Emanual Jones
Sen. Ronald Ramsey, Sr.
Sen. Steve Henson
Sen. Jason Carter
Sen. Fran Millar
Sen. Gail Davenport

** Senate Study Committee on Horse Racing

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Jack Murphy, Chair
Sen. Chip Rogers
Sen. William T.Ligon, Jr.
Sen. Ronnie Chance
Sen. Hardie Davis

** Senate Study Committee on Ethics Reform

Senate Appointments:
Sen. John Crosby, Chair
Sen. Renee Unterman
Sen. David Shafer
Sen. Steve Henson
Sen. Josh McKoon

** Senate Rules Study Committee

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Jack Hill, Chair
Sen. David Shafer
Sen. Ronnie Chance
Sen. Tim Golden
Sen. John Wilkinson

**Study Committee created under the authority granted by SR 5

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