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2017 Study Committees

Study committees are those that have been appointed, or selected to perform a specific task or study a specific issue. As Senate Study Committees examine various issues, reports are released which include any findings, recommendations, or legislative proposals a committee deems appropriate.

Joint Study Committees, Commissions, and Authorities

SR 130 Joint Study Committee on Transparency and Open Access in Government

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Chuck Hufstetler, Co-Chair
Sen. Fran Millar
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims
Sen. Jeff Mullis
Sen. Renee Unterman, Ex Officio
Sen. Brandon Beach, Ex Officio
Sen. Bruce Thompson, Ex Officio
Sen. John Albers, Ex Officio

Larry Gerdes
Pursuant Health
Joe Zemel
Patty Lavely
Gwinnet Medical Center

House Appointments

Committee Documents

September 8 meeting:
DCH Presentation
DOE Presentation
DPH Presentation
GTA Presentation

SR 152 Joint Study Committee on Stream Buffers in Georgia

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Frank Ginn, Co-Chair
Sen. Ben Watson
Sen. Jack Hill
Sen. Steve Henson

Harold Reheis
Former EPD Director
Phil Munro
Civil Engineer
Brandon Smith
Wetland Scientist

House Appointments

Live Broadcast Archive

SR 224 Joint Study Committee on Storm-Water Management

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Frank Ginn, Co-Chair
Sen. Rick Jeffares

Steve Leo
Gwinnett County Water Resources
Michael Thomas
Clayton County Water Resources
Courtney Reich
Ecological Planning Group
Frank Norton Jr.
Norton Agency Insurance

House Appointments

Live Broadcast Archive

HB 338 Joint Study Committee on Establishment of a State Accreditation Process

To be appointed

Committee Documents:

HB 338 Joint Study Committee on Establishment of a Leadership Academy

Senate Appointments:
Sen. Lindsey Tippins, Co-Chair
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims

House Appointments

Committee Documents:

Senate Study Committees

SR 188

Senate Study Committee on Barriers to Georgians' Access to Adequate Healthcare

Sen. Renee Unterman, Chair
Sen. Larry Walker

Brenda B. Rowe
Member Board of Nursing
Dr. Erin Hernandez
Dean Lucy Marion
Augusta University
Dr. Karen Kinsell
Aimee Manion
President, Georgia Nurses Association
Commissioner Frank Berry
Department of Community Health
Commissioner J. Patrick O'Neal
Department of Public Health

Committee Documents

September 27 meeting:
DPH Presentation
Hometown Health Presentation
GA Nursing Leadership Coalition Presentation
GA Health Policy Center - GSU Presentation
GA Board of Nursing Presentation
GA Board for Physician Workforce Presentation

October 16 meeting:
Changes in Scope of Practice Presentation
Reforming Scopes of Practice Presentation
Augusta University Presentation
APRN Barriers Limit Access to Healthcare Presentation
APRN & ACGME Program Criteria Presentation
APRN Consensus Model FAQ
Medical Associates Plus Presentation
Augusta University Center for Rural Health Presentation
Emory University Presentation
GSU Office of Rural Health Presentation
Integrated Memory Care Clinic Presentation
APRN Consensus Model Presentation

November 6 meeting:
Tay Kopanos - Quality of Nurse Practitioner Practice
APRN Model and Rules
AAPN Presentation
UAPRN Presentation
Aspire - Behavioral Health Workforce Presentation
Dr. Dwayne Hooks - Augusta University Presentation
Denise Kornegay - Augusta University Presentation
Georgia Preceptor Tax Incentive Handout - Augusta University
Berneta Haynes - Georgia Watch Presentation
Cathryn Marchman - Partners for HOME Presentation
Georgia Works Presentation

Live Broadcast Archive

SR 222 Senate Study Committee on Special Tax Exemption

Sen. John Albers, Chair
Sen. Chuck Hufstetler
Sen. Jack Hill
Sen. Hunter Hill
Sen. William Ligon
Sen. Mike Dugan

Committee Documents:

SR 352

Senate Study Committee on Homelessness

Sen. Renee Unterman, Chair
Sen. Donzella James
Sen. Michael Rhett

Committee Documents:

October 17 meeting:
Department of Corrections Presentation
Department of Education Presentation
GA Catholic Conference - Resources for the Homeless
Presbyterians for a Better GA Reentry Housing Work Group Recommendations
National Low Income Housing Coalition Data
Presbyterians for a Better GA Presentation
DCS Presentation
DJJ Presentation

November 7 meeting:
Partners for HOME Presentation
Georgia Works Presentation
Tim Schrager - Perennial Properties
GA State Health Policy Center Presentation
Tom Andrew - Mercy Center Presentation
Alison Ashe - Covenant House GA Presentation

Live Broadcast Archive

SR 392 Senate Study Committee on Rural Georgia

Sen. David Lucas, Chair
Sen. Steve Gooch
Sen. Jack Hill
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims
Sen. Ed Harbison
Sen. Greg Kirk
Sen. Dean Burke

Committee Documents:
Jimmy Lewis Presentation

Lynn Anderson Presentation

Dr. Jean Sumner Presentation

Ellijay Telephone Company Presentation

Greg Fender Presentation

Lisa Love Presentation

Stan Wise Presentation

J. Berkshire - WINDSTREAM, GA - Presentation

ACCG Todd Edwards Presentation

Morgan Law Presentation

Reggie Taylor List 1 of Projects

Reggie Taylor List 2 of Projects

Reggie Taylor Presentation

Dr. Steve Morse Presentation

David Zunker Presentation

Caroline Black Presentation

SR 410 Senate Study Committee on Information Technology Corridors in Georgia

Sen. P.K. Martin, Chair
Sen. Mike Dugan
Sen. Bruce Thompson
Sen. Brandon Beach
Sen. Harold Jones

Chancellor Steve Wrigley
Board of Regents
Mr. Bert Brantley
Department of Economic Development
Mr. Kevin Curtain

Committee Documents:

SR 412 Senate Study Committee on Stroke Trauma Centers

Sen. John F. Kennedy, Chair
Sen. Renee Unterman
Sen. Dean Burke
Sen. Ben Watson

David Hess
Medical College of GA, Dean
Dr. Joe Sam Robinson
GA Neurosurgical Institute
Christopher Hendry
Navicent Health
Mrs. Kiva Schindler
Emory School of Medicine, Neuroscience

Committee Documents:

SR 414 Senate Study Committee on Utilization and Modernization of the State Capitol and Other Buildings

Sen. Jeff Mullis, Chair
Sen. Elena Parent
Sen. Jack Hill
Sen. Butch Miller
Sen. Renee Unterman

Mike Mendoza
Bailey Izard
JP Morgan
Commissioner Jeff Long
Catoosa County

Committee Documents:

SR 454 Senate Study Committee on Cyber Security Education

Sen. Bruce Thomspon, Chair
Sen. Lindsey Tippins
Sen. Fran Millar
Sen. Harold Jones

Superintendent Richard Woods
Department of Education
Tino Mantella
Technology Association of Georgia
Michael Shaffer
Augusta University

Committee Documents:

SR 454 Minutes

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