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Joint Study Committees and Commissions

HB 65 - Joint Study Commission on Low THC Medical Oil Access

Sen. Matt Brass, Co-chairman Sen. Ben Watson Sen. Butch Miller
Mr. Dale Jackson Sheriff James Woodruff House Appointments
Livestream archives
Livestream archive - October 5, 2018 meeting

HR 898 - Joint Study Committee on Establishment of a State Accreditation Process

Superindendent Curtis Jones Rep. Valencia Stovall Mr. Don Doran
Ms. Carole Boyce House Appointments
Livestream archives

Senate Study Committees

SR 467 - Senate Study Committee on Service Animals for Physically or Mentally Impaired Persons

Sen. Renee Unterman, Chairman Sen. Greg Kirk Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick
Sen. Gloria Butler Sen. Nan Orrock
Livestream archives

SR 484 - Senate Study Committee on Creating a Lottery Game to Benefit Veterans

Sen. Ed Harbison, Chairman Sen. Mike Dugan Sen. Tonya Anderson
Sen. David Lucas Sen. Larry Walker
Livestream archives

SR 489 - Senate Study Committee on Prescribing Patterns for Antidepressants and Other Psychotropic Medications

SR 503 - Senate Study Committee on African American History and Culture

SR 506 - Senate Study Committee on Excessive and Duplicative Regulatory Oversight of Community Based Intellectual and Developmental (IDD) Services

Sen. Mike Dugan, Chairman Sen. Greg Kirk Sen. Larry Walker
Ms. Lynnette Bragg Mr. Charles Harper Ms. Tena Blakey
Livestream archive - October 2, 2018 meeting
Livestream archive - November 13, 2018 meeting
Livestream archive - December 20, 2018 meeting

SR 761 - Senate Study Committee on Dyslexia

Sen. Fran Millar, Chairman Sen. Gloria Butler Sen. Matt Brass
Mr. Garry McGiboney Dr. Leslie Stuart
Livestream archives

SR 832 - Senate Study Committee on Risks Associated with Kratom

Sen. Jeff Mullis, Chairman Sen. Renee Unterman Sen. Dean Burke
Livestream archives

SR 882 - Senate Study Committee on Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Operations and Authority Creation

Sen. Burt Jones, Chairman Sen. Brandon Beach Sen. Gloria Butler
Sen. Mike Dugan Sen. Ed Harbison Sen. Tyler Harper
Sen. Steve Gooch Sen. John Kennedy Sen. David Lucas
Sen. Butch Miller Sen. Jeff Mullis Sen. Valencia Seay
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims
Livestream archives Livestream archive - August 22, 2018 meeting Livestream archive - December 27, 2018 meeting

SR 914 - Senate Study Committee on Emergency Pursuits by law Enforcement Officers

Sen. John Albers, Chairman Sen. Gail Davenport, Vice Chairman Sen. Greg Kirk
Sen. Tyler Harper Sen. Tonya Anderson
Livestream archives

SR 935 - Senate Study Committee on School Safety

Sen. John Albers, Chairman Sen. Valencia Seay, Vice Chairman Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick
Sen. Fran Millar Sen. Jeff Mullis Sen. Michael Rhett
Sen. Bruce Thompson Sen. Ben Watson Sen. P.K. Martin, Ex Officio
School Safety Website
Livestream archive - November 13, 2018 meeting

SR 977 - Senate Study Committee on Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Sen. Nikema Williams, Chairman Sen. Gail Davenport Sen. Lester Jackson
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims Sen. Tonya Anderson Sen. Valencia Seay
Livestream archives

SR 995 - Senate Study Committee on Combat Sports

Sen. Brandon Beach, Chairman Sen. Mike Dugan Sen. Gloria Butler
Sen. Ellis Black Mr. Bob Kelly Mr. Rick Thompson
Mr. Preston Halliburton
Livestream archives Livestream archive - September 18, 2018 meeting Livestream archive - November 13, 2018 meeting

SR 1019 - Senate Study Committee on Advanced Communications Technologies and Use of State and Local Government Right of Way Policy Modernization

Sen. Frank Ginn, Chairman Sen. Steve Gooch Sen. Brandon Beach
Sen. P.K. Martin Sen. Butch Miller Mayor Phil Best
Commissioner Charlotte Nash Mr. Chris White Ms. Suzanne Powell
Mr. Patrick Turner
Livestream archives

SR 1049 - Senate Study Committee on Media Development

SR 1063 - Senate Study Committee on Certificate of Need Reform

Sen. Ben Watson, Chairman Sen. Steve Henson Sen. Renee Unterman
Sen. Lester Jackson Sen. Dean Burke Sen. Bill Cowsert, Ex-officio
Mr. Dough Welch Mr. Alan Kent Dr. Jeff Oyler
Dr. Paul Harton Mr. Frank Ulibari Mr. Lynn Westmoreland
Mr. John Culbreath Mr. David Tatum
Livestream archives

SR 1064 - Senate Study Committee on Continual Audit Exceptions on Local School Systems

Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims, Chairman Sen. Larry Walker Sen. John Wilkinson
Sen. Tyler Harper Sen. Elena Parent
Livestream archives Livestream archive - November 13, 2018

SR 1067 - Senate Study Committee on Financial Impact of Atlanta Annexation on Schools

Sen. Emanuel Jones, Co-chairman Sen. Nan Orrock, Co-chairman Sen. Horacena Tate, Co-chairman
Sen. Tonya Anderson Sen. Gloria Butler Sen. Gail Davenport
Sen. Steve Henson Sen. Jen Jordan Sen. Fran Millar
Sen. Elena Parent Sen. Nikema Williams
Livestream archive - June 14, 2018 meeting Livestream archive - June 26, 2018 meeting

SR 1068 - Senate Study Committee on Evaluating the School Year Calendar of Georgia Public Schools

Sen. Steve Gooch, Chairman Sen. Mike Dugan Sen. John Wilkinson
Sen. Jack Hill Mr. Grier Todd
Livestream archives Livestream archive - November 14, 2018 meeting

SR 1170 - Senate Study Committee on Local Government Fees

Sen. Jack Hill, Chairman Sen. Chuck Hufstetler Sen. Greg Kirk
Sen. Mike Dugan Sen. David Lucas
Livestream archives

*Please note: livestream archives may not be available for all meetings or committees*