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Senate Oral History Project

Over the years, the Georgia Senate has had its share of statesmen and characters. In recent years, we have lost many of the people who helped shape the state of Georgia and make it what it is today – a strong and vibrant state. While many are gone, some of their colleagues remain to relate the stories that will make you laugh and cry as only they can tell them. The Senate’s history is a long and interesting one and only the men and women who served in the Capitol’s Upper Chamber can reflect on those days gone by. We caught up with some of them and through their eyes we review the History of the Georgia Senate. Over the coming years, we will continue to add to our collection as those who came before us tell what it was like before computers, ethics laws, and cell phones. They tell of days when cigarette smoke filled the Senate Chamber, segregated restrooms still existed and nobody had an office.

Those days are gone, but we can still experience much of what life was like in the Senate 40-50 years ago. I hope that you will learn something about Georgia’s political history as well as enjoy the personal stories of the men and women who have served in the Georgia State Senate.

 -- Eric Johnson, Former President Pro Tempore

If you would like more information on Georgia History, please visit the New Georgia Encyclopedia.