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Appropriations Documents
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Appropriations Committee
SBEO Staff Listing
Fiscal Management Subcommittee 

Appropriations Committee:
Fiscal Management & General Government Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair: Senator Frank Ginn

SBEO Analyst: Kaitlin Little

Subcommittee Members:

  • Senator Bruce Thompson (Vice-chair)
  • Senator Gail Davenport
  • Senator David Lucas
  • Senator Lindsey Tippins
  • Senator Larry Walker III

State Agencies Included:

  • State Accounting Office
    • Ga. Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Comm.
    • Georgia State Board of Accountancy
  • Department of Administrative Services
    • Georgia Technology Authority
    • Office of State Administrative Hearings
    • Office of the State Treasurer
  • Department of Revenue
  • State Properties Commission
    • Georgia Building Authority
  • Department of Audits and Accounts
  • Department of Banking and Finance
  • Georgia General Assembly
    • Georgia Senate
    • Georgia House of Representatives
    • Joint Offices
  • Office of the Governor
    • Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity
    • Governor's Office of Planning & Budget
    • Office of the State Inspector General
  • Secretary of State
    • Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisal Board