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Current Vacancies:
Senate Budget and Evaluation Office

The Senate Budget & Evaluation Office (SBEO) is a small office of analysts that support the state’s appropriations process through research and evaluation. Team members are responsible for carrying distinct policy areas within the budget.

SBEO is compliant with the Georgia General Assembly as an equal opportunity employer and is a participant in E-Verify. Our office continuously accepts resumes from qualified candidates for analyst positions whether or not there are any vacancies. A general job description for a Program Analyst can be reviewed here.

If you are interested in working for SBEO as a Program Analyst, please send us only one PDF file that contains both a cover letter and resume to . As experience, skills and contact information may change, we do not keep profiles on hand for longer than a year.

Seeking an internship? If you are interested in being considered for a temporary internship or as an aide during the next legislative session that starts in January, we begin actively recruiting for this role in October and November. A general description of the Intern role can be reviewed here. Please email your cover letter and resume similarly to

Due to volume and other ongoing activities, we cannot provide confirmation that we have received your information. We do not accept unsolicited resumes or applications for any other jobs outside of our office.

Current vacancies: None